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Anti-Discrimination Compliance

Knowledgeable Maryland Law Firm Advises Employers about Anti-Discrimination Laws

Experienced Rockville business attorney helps companies maintain compliance

Discrimination and harassment complaints brought by employees can create serious problems for companies, their reputations and their bottom lines. At The Berk Law Firm, LLC in Rockville, I have extensive experience advising Maryland employers about federal and state anti-discrimination laws. This includes counseling clients about who is protected under these laws as well as the policies, procedures and training businesses should establish to maintain compliance. You can rely on my firm to provide up-to-date advice and knowledgeable guidance to help safeguard your business against potentially costly bias accusations.

Skillful lawyer provides in-depth insight into statutes barring workplace bias

Employees in Maryland are protected by both federal and state anti-discrimination statutes. It is critical for employers to understand the requirements of the following laws:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a federal law prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy and national origin
  • Maryland Article 20-602, which protects workers based on race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and genetic information

I will counsel you about how these and other anti-discrimination laws may affect your business based on its size and other characteristics. My firm also keeps clients carefully informed about changes to anti-discrimination laws that could impact their companies.

Accomplished counselor helps establish practices to reduce employers’ risk

There are ways businesses can help themselves avoid discrimination and harassment complaints and maintain compliance with applicable regulations. Taking one or more of the following measures might also protect your business even if a complaint arises:

  • Publish an anti-discrimination policy in your employee handbook that makes clear what constitutes discrimination and states that those acts will not be tolerated.
  • In your discrimination policy, inform employees about how they can report alleged discrimination or harassment.
  • Develop clearly defined procedures for hiring, promoting and firing employees and apply them consistently across the board.
  • Provide regular training to management so that they understand what constitutes employment discrimination and how to avoid statements and actions that might be perceived as biased.
  • Put required employee discrimination and harassment training programs in place.

My law firm will advise you about the language to use in your anti-discrimination policy to ensure you are compliant with state and federal law. I will also counsel you about content to include in your company procedures and training programs to further safeguard your business against possible claims.

Contact a well-informed Maryland anti-discrimination compliance attorney for guidance

At The Berk Law Firm, LLC in Rockville, I help protect Maryland employers from legal problems that could severely impact their businesses by providing sound advice and guidance on anti-discrimination law compliance. To schedule a free consultation, call my firm at 301-679-5009 or contact me online.

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