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Every business faces legal challenges, but how those challenges are handled is critical to the business’s ability to thrive. Whether you’re launching a new venture or your established company is engaged in a contract dispute, you are best served by skilled legal counsel. My firm, The Berk Law Firm, LLC in Rockville provides that to business clients in Maryland and throughout the Washington, D.C. area.  I handle a wide range of issues that affect daily operations and long-term plans, including contract matters, cybersecurity and the establishment of effective anti-discrimination policies. As a sole proprietor with nearly two decades of experience, including work at AMLAW Top 100 firms, I offer seasoned advice and personalized attention as we work together to resolve your company’s difficult issues.

Local firm handles contract, business formation and employment issues

My counsel is always tailored to your needs and business goals, no matter what legal issues you face. In a free initial consultation, I will work with you on a strategy that accomplishes your objectives without causing undue disruption to your bottom line.  I advise on numerous types of matters, including:

  • Business formation — Maryland and the District of Columbia offer several options for new businesses seeking to establish legal protections. I’ll outline the relative benefits and pitfalls of corporations, general partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs) and other entities. Once a decision is made, my firm can prepare the business formation materials and advise on other key decisions such as tax status and internal bylaws.
  • Franchise purchase and operation — Purchasing a franchise is task that you should not embark on alone. No matter what type of business you are buying into, I can assist in walking you thru the contracts and regulations needed to be successful in your endeavor. The best way to be successful when starting a new business is to be prepared and have the right team supporting you.
  • Contract review — The importance of preparing, negotiating and executing clear, fair contracts cannot be overstated. If you need an agreement to be prepared or reviewed, I’ll give you honest, useful advice. From there, I am a skillful negotiator who can make sure that everyone has a full understanding of their rights and obligations under the contract.
  • Anti-harassment and discrimination policies — Allegations of discrimination or harassment in the workplace can destroy the productivity of your business and subject you to federal and state law violations. The best way to tackle these problems is to prevent them in the first place. No matter what type of environment your company is in, my firm can outline suitable rules and procedures that establish clear boundaries and consequences.
  • Employee rights and benefits — The U.S. Department of Labor regulates many of the benefits that employers offer their employees and it is important that both the employer is in compliance with these regulations and employees are aware of what they are entitled to.  I have worked in the past to make sure employees receive the benefits they are entitled to, and to keep employers in compliance with all relevant regulations.   I have worked with employee plans regarding Total and Permanent, Neurocognitive, and Line-Of-Duty (LOD) disability benefits for former professional athletes.

For these concerns and others, you can count on me to relieve your burden so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

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The Berk Law Firm, LLC advises businesses in the Washington, D.C. area on a wide array of legal matters, including contract and employment issues. Please call 301-679-5009 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Rockville office.

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